Simple Pleasures – Hot Swapping Batteries with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I recently switched US cellular carriers from Sprint to Verizon, and Android phones from the Sprint HTC EVO 3D to the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Being a power user, I tend to burn through my battery fairly quickly. With any new phone purchase comes the inevitable buying of extended batteries and external battery chargers.

When power runs low, it’s great to be able to swap in a new battery. I love user-replaceable batteries.  You can argue with me that a non-user-replaceable battery would allow for a design that could incorporate a larger primary battery. On second thought, don’t. It sounds like a boring argument.

It’d be great if I could swap out a battery without needing to shut down the phone first. Why isn’t there a little backup battery or capacitor that makes this possible? Probably lack of space, or desire to keep costs down.  Now, you can just pull the battery (killing the phone), and probably things will be fine, but once in a while I expect doing so will cause some kind of data loss and corruption. I’m a good little user, so I always shut down the phone first.

Here’s the “feature” that some of my past phones have had, my HTC EVO 3D didn’t, and my Galaxy Nexus does. I can plug in the USB charger, yank the battery, and the thing keeps running. So I can hot swap the battery without wasting time shutting down and booting up.

It’s the little things.