Tip for saving ink printing airline boarding passes

When I fly Southwest, I print my boarding pass at home.  Southwest must think printer ink flows from every faucet, as they include color ads on every boarding pass.  Thanks, but no thanks.

(By the way, if you’ve ever been curious to know what printer ink costs relative to other common liquids, check out this infographic.)

Here’s my tip to avoid printing out those ads and wasting precious ink. I use Google’s Chrome web browser. I can’t say whether this will work in other browsers, but it just might.

  • You’re on the final boarding pass page, ready to print it out.
  • Do File…Print or Ctrl-P (whatever you please to start the print process)
  • Chrome will bring up a print dialog.
  • Change the “Margins” setting to Custom.
  • Drag the bottom margin up to somewhere around 5.5 inches and let go.
  • The ads should disappear (actually, they’ve landed on Page 2).
  • Change the “Pages” setting from “All” to only print Page 1.
  • Donate ink savings to charity.

p.s. Even better tip — save the boarding pass document to a PDF and send it to your phone or tablet, and save the ink and paper.