Typing Test!

I’ve sometimes wondered whether I could successfully switch from a QWERTY to DVORAK keyboard layout and increase my typing speed. I’ve always been a fairly fast typist, thanks to the 1980’s NJ public school system and a fleet of IBM Selectrics.

I found this typing speed testonline and decided to give it a whirl.

The Results!

Test 1: 82 WPM with one error (damn!)

Test 2: 92 WPM with no errors

Test 3: 94 WPM with no errors.

Granted, this was letters only, no numbers.  I was absent the day in typing class when we covered numbers, and I swear I’ve never recovered.

Typing test with letters and numbers: 67 WPM. Ouchie.

Published by

Larry Silverman

Larry Silverman is a father and husband, software developer, small-business owner, DIY tinkerer, occasional musician, continuous learner, free thinker, despiser of yard work and comma abuser.

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