It’s Not Dead Yet – Fixing the Onkyo TX-SR606 HDMI board

In July 2007, I was in the market for a surround-sound receiver with HDMI support. My research led me to purchase Onkyo receiver, model TX-SR605, from the now-defunct Circuit City. I was very happy with the receiver until 9 months later when it decided that of the two possible operational states, “off” and “on”, it preferred “off” 100% of the time.

It was still under warranty. Circuit City had me bring it to a nearby Onkyo-certified repair center. And there it sat for two months awaiting a part, “Micro Q701”, which never came.

I called Onkyo and raised a storm, and they somehow miraculously found and shipped the part overnight. But it didn’t fix the problem.

After considerable badgering, Onkyo swapped out the 605 with the next model up, the TX-SR606. The TX-SR606 has worked well for the past five years.

This month, we purchased our first Blu-Ray player. While playing our very first Blu-Ray, the receiver would frequently drop the HDMI signal and black out. No Signal, no good.

Apparently the TX-SR606 is notorious for its shoddy HDMI switching board. The internet is full of complaints and some DIY instructions for attempting repairs.  The following sites were very helpful:

As with so many consumer electronics failures, bad capacitors are to blame.

I researched which capacitors to purchase and settled on this item at DigiKey. I needed 5 but bought 10 just in case. The total order was $4.85 and the shipping cost more than the parts.

The parts arrived yesterday, and last night I worked on the receiver.

Of all the repairs I’ve attempted, this was on the easy side. The receiver’s case was easy to remove. The HDMI board was right on top and easily accessible. I was thankful for the tips I’d read regarding disconnecting the ribbon cables without damaging them by pushing down on the white connector.

The work took just about two hours from start to finish. Here are pictures of the modified board with the new capacitors highlighted (click to enlarge).



I tested the Onkyo after re-assembly, and the fix seems to have worked. I successfully played 15 minutes of a Blu-Ray without any dropouts.

There remains a weird problem whereby occasionally, when switching HDMI channels, the screen takes on a purple hue.

As a work around, switching back and forth, or going into the receiver’s Options menu and back, seems to clear it up. I’ll have to research this problem separately.